Saturday, November 19, 2011

A vampire weekend.

In the past two days, I have watched all of the available Twilight movies...and so has Aron. He must really love me, to sit through all that angst.

Today was the first snowfall. Just like last year, instead of being a slow introduction to winter, it was a dumping of a few inches, plus some icy slush, for good measure. I'm so thrilled that I park in a garage now, and at least don't have to scrape my car off in the mornings. I'd be so much later to work than I already am if I had to warm up and scrape off my car.

The parking lot at work is across the street and down a ways from the building. It doesn't look that far, and on a nice day, it's not a bad walk at all. But on a hot day in summer, I'm sweating by the time I get to my car for sure. And on cold days, as it turns out, my ears are frozen and my hair is a mess by the time I make it the shelter of my Prius. So yesterday, I bought a hat. After years of resisting, I finally decided that maybe my mom was on to something, all those years ago, when she tried fruitlessly to convince me to wear one. And you know what? Not only is it really cute (I knew I'd never wear one unless I thought it was adorable), it's also really warm.

I ordered three random woot shirts the other day. I like the thrill of the unknown; I almost never buy woot shirts, but I almost always buy random woot shirts. (Partly because of Eric, I think. Random woot shirts were his favorite.) I got a good mix this time...

and my favorite....

Seriously, how the hell did I get a random woot shirt of Shakespeare characters from A-Z that was originally on woot on July 2, 2010? Ahhhmazing.

If only it were a different color, though. I'll look as pale as a vampire in this one...

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