Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday.

My sister and I went to Target at 11 last night to stand in line for a camera she wanted. We got in at 12.05, and the TV I wanted to look at was gone (I didn't have high hopes, really). There were plenty of cameras, though, if you could only navigate through the sea of people to get to them! It was insanity. After much walking around and picking things up and putting them back down, she decided she didn't want the camera, and I decided the $9 stick vacuum I wanted wasn't worth the we left with nothing. We went to Target at 11pm, waited in line for an hour, and left with NOTHING.

But I went back later, and I got my vacuum. Best $9 I ever spent! Seriously, I love it. I got a couple new purses at Kohl's, and resisted buying any of the ridiculously overpriced Kindle cases anywhere.

Now I don't know what I'm doing here, blogging. It took me awhile to pack, and then of course I had to blog, but really I should be sleeping. I have to be to the airport at 4am, after all.

Next up: Live from Arizona!

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