Monday, November 7, 2011

Champagne bubbles.

Alex and Liz, my newly engaged friends, came over tonight for celebratory dinner, drinks, and games (games, obviously, because we're nerds). (I love parentheses.) 'Twas a lovely time, and I continue to be so ridiculously excited for them. Turns out, Alex has had the ring for weeks, including while we were at their place joking about surprise weddings last week! Hilarious.

It's hard to blog every day when you have limited time each day to blog. I have much to say, and much to ponder, but little time to devote to writing said muches.

It's also hard to write when you're sitting on a loveseat with both Aron and Alex. Very distracting, those two.

I guess I'd better go pay attention to them, then! Or maybe just eat some more sprinkles.

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