Friday, November 11, 2011


The woman at work who is an editor, but above me, but not my boss, has come to trust me. Against all my expectations, I've gotten really interested and attuned to the production side of things - making sure pages are getting out the door on time, making sure we're working on the hottest (closest to press) spreads first, things like that. Coworker-not-boss is more focused on production also, so I've started to become her little production buddy. She was out of office today, so yesterday she emailed me to be in charge of a process we have of routing things through the merchandising department to make sure all our info is correct. She didn't email either of the two editors who have been here longer than I have who know the process, nor did she email our boss, who could also take charge of the process; she emailed me. I was in charge. Bossman came back to our Editors' Lounge today and asked me if I was taking care of it; asked me, because he knew I was the most likely candidate to have been in charge of it today. (I was already almost done by the time he asked.)

My point is... they like me. They really, really like me. And let me tell you, the feeling is mutual. I may be emotionally drained at the moment, exhausted some days, or restless others, but truly, I could not be happier about my current job situation. I feel so lucky to have gotten this position when I did. It's exactly what I'd forgotten I always wanted.

In other news, tampons are weird. And if you ask your drunk girlfriend what the difference between pads and tampons is, she'll tell you more than you probably ever wanted to know.

My cat has a habit of hiding from Jess all day long, but coming out of my room as soon as she knows I'm home. Today she came out to cuddle and I held her in the most awkward position ever, upside down in the crook of my arm. She reluctantly stayed and used my boob as a pillow, because at least I was petting her. She's a funny girl, that one.

Aron took me to El Loro for dinner, where we ate until we were uncomfortably full and where I spilled rice EVERYWHERE. Afterwards we decided to walk over to the liquor store to pick up some supplies for the evening. I love when it's getting to be holiday season and they have alcoholic gift boxes. We looked at those for awhile, then wandered around trying to decide what we wanted. We settled on margaritas, then headed back home.

And then I found $20.

No, seriously, I found a $20 bill on the sidewalk on the short walk from the liquor store to the car. I was SO. DELIGHTED. And I've just decided that I'm going to use my magical $20 to buy one of those drunken gift boxes. It comes with six shot glasses that have walls in them to divide them in half! I clearly need those.

Aron's mad at me now, because I gave him questionable, self-serving "advice" during our Carcassonne game earlier. Jess is mad, too, because the move kind of fucked her over as well. I giggled maniacally (/drunkenly) for most of the rest of the game, and won by a margin of almost 50. Whoops! Heh.

These are the vase-less roses he brought me yesterday.

In a pilsner glass from BWW.

In my Guide water bottle.

I wish this would capture the smell. I love the smell of roses.

I think it might be rematch time. If we don't all fall asleep first.

Oh, also, I think I'm going to get a tattoo tomorrow. We'll see.

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  1. If the shot glasses are divided in half, wouldn't whatever was in the opposite side just pour onto your face, or possibly even up your nose? Doesn't sound too practical... :p