Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Roses are red.

Amidst all my slightly angsty introspectoring yesterday, I had a lovely phone date with my dear friend Erin. Turns out, we hadn't sat down and chatted for far, far too long. We talked for awhile, exchanged the latest, and then, to my surprise and delight, she asked me to be a personal attendant at her wedding this summer!

This will be the first wedding I have an actual role in, and I'm so excited and honored.

When Nikki got married this fall, I started almost crying as soon as her bridesmaids started walking out, because I've known all of them for so long - since middle school! It was the first wedding I'd been to where I really knew most of the people in it, and the first time I've watched someone that close get married. I did not previously know how awesome weddings could be. I did not realize how exponentially better they are when you know the people. And I say this as someone who loves all weddings all the time! (You might think I wouldn't... but I so do.)

And now I get to not only witness the wedding of a wonderful friend, but also hang out and be the bride's bitch and be a part of the day! I'm thrilled. :)

I feel like I had more to say here, but I've just realized how tired I am and how on time I need to be to work tomorrow, and so it is very suddenly and urgently bedtime.

Except for the sharing of this gem, from Jess: "From here, she looks like a mud puddle turning into a cat. Starting with the ears."

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