Friday, November 18, 2011

Gotta get down on Friiiy-day

I went to a pizza buffet for lunch today. Buffalo chicken pizza, macaroni and cheese pizza, BLT pizza with Italian dressing, the sweetest dessert pizza, saur kraut and sausage pizza (if you're into that...I'm not). It was so, so good. And so cheap! And then I was uncomfortably full.

Tonight Aron and I had a delightful date night. We went to Target, where I got a really cute knitted hat with a flower on it; Pet Smart, where I got excited about some litter box liners and sensitive stomach food; and Byerly's, where we got four bottles of wine. Then we came home, put in a frozen pizza, and watched Twilight. Best date night ever? Totally.

I was crabby, and we were off for awhile there. But we're back now, and I'm so happy. We hung out Wednesday night, as our normal, cheerful selves, and Thursday was a much, much better day for both of us than pretty much the last two weeks had been. I'm so very glad we're back. :)

Now I must away, for my glass of wine and New Moon are beckoning.

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