Thursday, November 3, 2011

The rain in Spain

I got an email at work today from my coworker, Eric's stepmom. She's in a community theater production of My Fair Lady, and tonight was the last dress rehearsal, to which she had two tickets for me, if I cared for them.

Um, obviously that's a YES!

I love My Fair Lady. It's so linguistic and phonetic and funny! And I just love theater in general, especially musicals. Watching community theater makes me want to be involved in community theater. I was so shy and quiet in high school, I never had the courage to be in shows. Now I wish I had. Watching them makes me want to sing and dance.

We had a Halloween Howl concert at church last Sunday, during which my sister and I sang "What is this Feeling," from Wicked. I need to do that more often, and get less nervous.

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