Monday, November 21, 2011

Catch a falling star

I decided that I want to buy a Kindle on black Friday. It's about time I could carry more than one book around with me at a time without breaking my back. So I started poking around the internets, looking for deals, and...there aren't really any. A gift card at Radio Shack or Staples, a discount on a case at Office Depot. But nothing super attractive at any certain store. And then I thought, what if whatever store I decide to go to runs out of them before I get there? And then I thought, well, since I won't be saving money to wait until black Friday, why not just buy it now?

Jess is putting up a Christmas tree. We're watching Love Actually. And I'm filling up my new toy with all sorts of free classics and crap.

I was very, VERY disappointed to find out that the Harry Potters are not yet available in e-format, though. Those books are the whole reason I decided I wanted a Kindle in the first place! Oh, to have the whole series with me at once, in my pocket! Soon, though. Soon.

In the meantime, Douglas Adams will tide me over quite well.

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