Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 24th.

I'm off work today, for just one day, and I finished a 4-day yesterday and I start another 4-day tomorrow. But then ends the crazy jam-packed month that is November! The end is finally in sight.

Pam and I are baking pies (which I won't get to eat until after my next trip, sadly). I love pies.

My schedule came out, and I did not get high speeds, which means I'm on reserve. I did, however, get all the days off that I wanted! I have next weekend off, so I can celebrate Eric's birthday; I have bell choir Sunday off; I have big choir concert Sunday off; I have Christmas Eve and Day off; and I have New Year's Eve off!

I am a little nervous about how the month will go, though. Will I get called constantly because it's cold season and Christmas season and people will be calling in left and right? Will I not get called at all because people are afraid to call in sick this time of year and I'm at the top of seniority in reserves so they'll only use the few people at the bottom over and over? Who knows!

The good news is, it's only one month. I know I can once again bid for a normal schedule next month, I know I'm not stuck on reserve indefinitely. There's something comforting about that, something nicer about putting yourself on reserve than being forced into it. Oh, and I guess it's pretty comforting to know that I got all my wanted days off. :)

I was trying not to get excited about Christmas, since I didn't know if I'd have it off, but now that I know that I do, bring on the Christmas music! Despite reserve, I'm suddenly very much looking forward to December.

Oh goodness, I have so much shopping to do!

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