Saturday, November 21, 2009



Oh wait, yes I do. Twilight. Ahhh. (That was a contented sigh, not more yelling, in case you were wondering.)

First: New Moon, the movie. Pam and I stupidly both waited in line for overpriced foodstuffs and the messiest Icee I've ever encountered instead of dividing and conquering to save ourselves some seats in our designated theatre. We were thus forced to sit in the very front row, all by ourselves, despite the obnoxious smattering of single seats containing nothing but coats and that comforting feeling of being a safe distance from strangers. Though the theatre was mostly full, it wasn't as rowdy as we'd hoped. Maybe the other screens, the theatres that sold out weeks ago with excited fans who wanted their tickets early, just in case, were more rambunctious than ours. But ours was definitely lacking in any sort of audience participation, which normally pisses me off but which had been my hope to experience during the midnight showing. I wanted to see the movie in a theatre full of people just as excited about it as I was. Instead, we were surrounded by people who, like us, had waited until almost the last minute to buy tickets, and thus were lacking in the enthusiasm we had so looked forward to.

But they are not the point. The movie is the point.

And let me tell you, the movie was good. Don't get me wrong; it was not good. But it was so good.

Let me esplain. ... No. There is too much. Let me sum up. (Name that movie, anyone?) Er, anyway....

Seriously, now. New Moon was, without a doubt, better than Twilight. And I love this story so much that, no matter how good or bad they made it, I'd be enthralled with any visual depiction of it. (This one, for instance, really gets me. Spoilers abound!) I'm not thrilled with many of their actors; they just don't look like the people in my head. But when is casting ever spot-on for a book-turned-movie? Though I must say that the actor that plays Charlie, Bella's dad, makes the perfect Charlie. So, ignoring the casting, and taking into account that it's simply impossible to include everything from a book in a movie, they actually did a really nice job. I will obviously own it, when I can. And it was so, so worth it to go to the midnight showing instead of waiting for my one measley day off this week.

Listening to the teenagers that surrounded us talk while we were standing in the Icee line, on the other hand... That's not worth anything. *shudder*

Now that I've bored most of you out of your skulls, let me move on to a new topic.

The Twilight books. Ha! I totally fooled you. This'll just take a minute though, I swear. Maybe. I've read them all twice before, but that didn't stop me from racing through them yet again. I get so sucked in to the story that I just cannot bring myself to stop reading, even if it means severe sleep deprivation. I was wondering at how stupid that is, considering I know what happens and I should be able to take a breather, when it occured to me that that's exactly why I can't put them down: I know what happens, and I just can't wait for it all to happen, already! Sure, I've read it happen before, but it's all so good that I just can't wait for it to happen again! They're that good. Seriously.

I know most of you don't believe me; but some of you do. And you understand. You know exactly what I'm saying.

Unless I really am insane, which is always a possibility.

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