Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A few of my favorite things.

Kittens. Mittens. Kittens in mittens (see here - is this some form of [hilarious] animal torture, or just awesome?). Sunrises. Seeing other planes from my plane. Puns. Cheese enchiladas. Seeing the city (any city) from above on a clear night. Daffodils. Sweaters. The smell of cinnamon. Holding hands. Twist cones. Listening to Eric talk to himself. Bowling. Socks. Chapstick.

And watching people on my plane. I really love when there's turbulence and everyone bounces in their seats in unison: left, right, up, back down. Heads bobbing, elbows lifting off the armrests of their own accord. It always makes me smile to myself, just a little.

That doesn't make me evil, does it?