Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 18th.

Sometimes I think that my hair can sense when I'm contemplating cutting it all off, and it compensates by having an awesome day. Today, for instance, was such a good hair day that I just wanted to spend copious amounts of time staring at it, or hugging it. Yesterday, on the other hand, I wondered if I could convince it to be curly if I cut it all to somewhere between chin and shoulder length. Today wins; the hair stays.

I have weekdays off. Conversely, my friends have normal jobs. I like to meet my corporate friends for lunch, then, so that I can still see them and chat on my days off. It's very nice. It gets me out of bed at a reasonable hour, gets me out of the house and moving, lets me see my friends; but it mostly makes me jealous. Some days I long for a cubicle and a nine-to-five desk job.

Other days, though, I remember that, even though my November is terrible, sometimes my job gives me a random week off. In the middle of the month. For no reason. Without me even asking for it. And also I have great benefits, including free flights. And then I think, maybe I don't want to quit this job for a long, long time yet.

I woke up multiple times last night because I was SO. FREEZING. COLD. Time to put the extra comforter back on my bed, methinks. And I was so toasty warm went I went to bed, thanks to my lovely space heater. Alas.

Pam and I are going to see New Moon at midnight tomorrow. It's ok, I totally don't work until noon on Friday.

Oh, at Wingo tonight I was ONE AWAY from winning $800. Frickin O61. But I totally won the consolation prize of $50 in Target gift cards, so that's awesome. I feel consoled, for sure. Good timing, too; I need a bigger lunchbox.

That's what she said?

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