Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16th.

Blogging every day is hard. For one thing, it's suprisingly difficult to remember what I have or have not written about. But mostly, I'm just not that interesting! (See: Twilight babble.)

For example. Would you like to know what I did today? Here it is. I slept till noon; delightful. I got up, checked my email, ran some water through the coffee pot to get it hot. I made and consumed oatmeal and hot chocolate. I watched tv. I interneted some more. I showered, got half dressed. (If I don't plan on leaving my room, what's the point of getting dressed when I'm just going to have to put on my uniform anyway?) More eating, interneting, tv watching. And now I'm blogging. See? So boring!

It is exciting to me that I brought food on this trip. The only money I've spent was $1.05 to buy some lifesavers the other day. It's a nice change. Better for me (whole wheat pitas and vegetables and fresh fruits!), and much, much better for my wallet. So I guess that's pretty exciting, for me if for no one else.

The life of an airline employee is, at all times, up in the air. (See what I did there?) When we're not literally up in the air, our schedules are always always always subject to change, due to weather, or maintenance, or someone else calling sick; any number of factors can change our trip at any time.

Yesterday as I was getting dressed to leave my room, scheduling called me. It's never a good thing when scheduling calls you. She told me they had a change to my schedule for Tuesday, day 4 of 4. Instead of doing my EAU-RHI turn (four very short flights, none of which require a beverage service) and being done at 5:50pm, they were sending me on a Montreal turn on my least favorite plane and extending me two hours and thirty minutes, so that I'll be done at 8:20pm.

I think the woman I talked to was braced for me to start yelling; scheduling gets that a lot, and I do not envy their job. But, technically, they are allowed to extend me up to three hours on the last day if a trip, so what can I do? Yelling doesn't help anything. I said ok, thanked her for telling me, hung up and sighed. I'm not looking forward to the new turn, but on the bright side, I could use the practice, and I'll probably be able to get a Twix bar or two out of the switch.

Another reason blogging every day so hard? Having to type out entries on mypod! I swear I backspace just as much as I type. Maybe next time I'll leave all my errors in, for your decrypting pleasure.

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