Monday, November 23, 2009

November 12th.

There are many important things happening in December. Near the beginning of the month, I think it might be someone's birthday. That same weekend, there's bell choir, in which I play five very important bells (most of the melody line of Ave Maria). There's the big Christmas choir concert, which I've never gotten to sing in before, and the very important rehearsals for said performance. And, of course, there's Christmas Eve and Day and New Year's Eve. Because of all these very important things, and because of my intensely busy November, I decided to take December off.

See, my company has been offering Company Convenience Leaves (CCLs) every month for quite awhile now. It is simply an unpaid month of leave, during which (with a few extra arrangements) you can still travel. I wondered if they'd even offer one for December, and I was thrilled when they did. I applied as soon as I saw the memo, and then had to wait and wait for the awards to come out.

Well, they came out today. Eighteen Detroit flight attendants got a CCL, thirteen in Memphis, and FIVE in Minneapolis. Yeah, I am not one of those five.

I may end up actually bidding to be on reserve in December, in a desperate effort to get as many of my wanted days off as possible. Oh, Lord help me!

[Nov 23: I did, in fact, bid reserve. I want high speeds, and if I don't get them, I'll be on call. I find out tomorrow which doom I face.]

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