Monday, November 16, 2009

November 15th.

I read New Moon today. All of it. In between flights, downtime during flights, in my hotel. I don't work until 5pm Monday, so I could stay up late to finish it. Did I mention I've read it more than once before? I think I'll start it again tomorrow, go slower, see what the movie might look like in my head.

(I actually finished it at about 2am, so I guess I didn't technically read it all on the 15th. But it was definitely wthin 24 hours of starting it.)

Oh, and I totally cried. Not at the bad part at the beginning, because I was sitting in the airport at the time, but a lot at the end. I love when I get so into books that they make me cry, or laugh out loud. Also, I may or may not be a huge sap. Whatever.

Non-Twilight-related post coming soon, I swear. Probably.

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