Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No direction, no subject, no title.

I had to go to a training session on Saturday, to learn some new policies and procedures for our new post-merger flights. Let me leave it at this: I love my current company a lot. I dislike many of the things we will soon be required to do. So far, I'm not such a fan of the company we will be.

I'm incurably lazy. I've had a bunch of days off in a row now, with the slight interruption of a few hours of training, and I have this to-do list a mile long. And yet, I have done almost nothing off of said list. I did get to hang out with friends, which is nice, because the constant travel of my job makes that hard sometimes. But laundry? Cleaning? Rearranging? None of it got done. Perhaps next week, when I have days off. Perhaps not.

Yesterday I ate sushi and went on a bunch of rides at Camp Snoopy. Er.. the park formerly known as Camp Snoopy. Nickelodeon Land or whatever it is now. The colors are slightly offensive to my eyes, but the rides were fun, though a bit brain-rattling.

I've gone over to the dark side. I succumbed. I bought an ipod touch. (Don't judge, I knew I'd give in.) I'm in love, addicted, enthralled. I downloaded a Shakespeare app that is pretty much the complete works of Shakespeare in the palm of my hand. Who needs a Sony Reader when you've got an ipod touch?

My taxes are done, sent in, being processed. Awesome. I feel so on the ball. The day I sent them in, I also did some paperwork for my health insurance and got that squared away. Some days I feel very much like a responsible adult.

Other days... not so much.

I really want it to be summer. I'm sick of winter. We had a nice day the other day, with sunshine and temps in the high 30s/low 40s. It was amazing. This week, it's back to barely above zero, with even lower windchills. I just want sun and warmth and lush green grass. And perhaps other things that come with summer.

I have much to say, but no reason to say it. No one to say it to. No way to say it right. I just need to see.

My ipod keeps unsetting its correct date and time. It goes to random time zones, like Chicago and Houston (though, at least those are still at the same time as Minneapolis), but then it tells me that it's 8.43 am on December 27th instead of 5.04 pm on February 2nd. Why would it do that? What is it trying to tell me?

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