Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Facts

My grandpa always wanted one of his redheaded daughters (my mom and aunt) to play the violin. Neither of them did. I am the last of six grandchildren on that side, and the only redhead. My grandpa died when I was three. In fourth grade, completely out of the blue, with no prodding or suggestions from anyone, I told my mom I wanted to play the violin. I stuck with it through first semester of freshman year of college, when I realized some people were really serious about orchestra, and I was not one of those people. I wasn't bad, it just wasn't my life. Yesterday, for the first time in probably three years, I took my violin out of its case. Took me twenty minutes to tune the thing, and twenty minutes to dust off my rusty skills, but all told, I'm not so bad.

Every time we sing hymns at church, I follow the notes and finger along with my left hand, as if I'm playing violin. I've been doing this since fourth grade. I think this is why I can still pick up my violin and know how to play it without thinking, even after years of not doing it.

One of my favorite features about myself is my lips. They're naturally full of color, and pretty full. When I get out of the shower, I'm extra pale and my lips are extra red. I think it's sexy. I especially love the way my lips look immediately after I've brushed my teeth and applied chapstick.

I'm addicted to chapstick. Jess once gave me 17 chapsticks as a thank you. It was one of the best presents I've ever gotten. I keep them everywhere, and I apply constantly.

There's a lot of family drama on my mom's dad's side. I'd really love to collect it all and write a book, but I don't know if I have the fortitude to go around collecting everyone's side of all the stories.

This year, I made twenty cents in interest. That rounds to zero on my tax form.

For the first year ever, I'm starting my taxes now instead of in April. I really want that return.

I want an ipod touch. So much it hurts. So much I'm considering buying one tomorrow. I have the money, it just wouldn't be a wise move to spend so much right now. ... Don't judge when I tell you that I have one next week.

To raise money for said ipod touch, I'm considering selling my current ipod. (Yes, I already have an ipod. Shut it.) I've grown quite attached to it, though, and the thought of no longer owning it makes me sad. It's an old 3rd gen ipod, the kind with four touch buttons above the wheel. It's a classic. Before selling it, I'd want to find someone who would love it as much as I do.

When I was little, I loved Buddy Holly. I had one of his tapes, and when we were on a road trip once, I put the cassette case in the window, thinking that if people saw it, they'd think he was my boyfriend. Good thing I didn't know he'd long been dead; I'd have been heartbroken.

I love highlighters, but I hate highlighting things in books. I have this fear that someone else will read the textbook I've sold back and judge me for the things I did or did not highlight. In fact, I recently re-read Jane Eyre, which I read for a class junior year, and I judged myself for things I did and did not underline. In pencil. I will only write in books in pencil. On the other hand, I am fascinated by the marginalia I find in books. We spent a whole day talking about medieval marginalia in a class one day, and it was my favorite day, expcept the day we made quills and learned to write with them.

I'm left-handed, but only when I'm eating and writing. Sports, using scissors, almost anything but eating and writing, I use my right hand. When we wrote with quills in the aforementioned class, I used my right hand. Whenever I was bored in a class in college, I'd switch to taking notes with my right hand. It's not good writing, it looks like it may have been written by a six-year-old, but it's legible. Mostly.

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