Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter driving.

I hate driving in snow. I hate when there are no lanes on the road, and my knuckles are white, and my jaw hurts by the time I get home. I hate when there's a line of traffic following me, and I hate when someone passes me and blows shitloads of snow into my line of vision, so that there is no more vision to be had.

But driving home from a friend's tonight, it was beautiful. No cars on the road, still lightly snowing. A few tracks on the road where people had recently driven, which was enough to keep me on the road. I was not a fan of having to follow behind a giant plow (which honestly didn't even seem to be DOING anything but blowing snow at my car and flashing lights and taking up all the space), but once I got off the highway and onto my well-known road home, I felt peaceful. The snow was there, but not treacherous. It buried the lines, but I know the road well enough to not need lines. It just fell prettily in my headlights while I meandered across lanes without worrying about other cars.

Sometimes it's nice to drive home at 2 in the morning with a fresh coat of powder making the world beautiful again.

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