Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not an update.

I had coffee with D on the 31st. And, as I said, I'm finding it hard to write about. We sat and talked for almost five hours, and it was actually rather nice. Easy, even, besides the first five minutes when I was just trying not to cry. All the shit aside, he did used to be my best friend/roommate/fiance, and I've never been good at the whole spite/grudge/anger thing, when it comes to him. So maybe I don't want to spoil our nice meet-up by making it public. Maybe I don't want you to judge me for not hating him. Maybe I don't want you to jump all over him with hatred that makes up for my lack of it tenfold. Whatever the reason, I just can't write about it. So I'm not going to. And I've also just erased a large portion of this entry, which talked a lot about him and where my mind rests on it all (which is to say, nowhere, because my mind never rests on this issue). Perhaps another day.

Moving on.

Sometimes when I see people, I imagine what our children would be like. It could be a stranger on the street, it could be someone I've known forever and just learned or noticed something new about. I don't discriminate. These things just occur to me, out of nowhere, often accompanied by, "I wonder if we'd have ginger babies?" (I want ginger babies more than anything.)

I have an overbite. I hate it, actually, and generally try to hide it. I make a conscious effort to hold my lower jaw differently so that my chin isn’t all hiding and my lower lip isn’t all ridiculous-pouty-looking and my teeth aren’t all clenched. Seriously, I’m not a fan. And I don’t even know if traits like this are passed on in genes, or if that’s just sort of a luck-of-the-draw sort of thing. (Clearly, I’m not up on my biology, but hey, I was an English major.)

Anyway. I had a passenger the other day with an overbite very similar to mine, and all I could think was, “Man, our children would be screwed.”

He also had a unibrow, but I’d teach my babies to tweeze.


  1. LOL, "I'd teach my babies to tweeze."
    I think most traits, like unibrows and overbites, are genetic but it's basically luck-of-the-draw whether you happen to get the overbite-chromosome or the blue-eyes-chromosome or the tans-easily chromosome. I should probably ask a biology teacher tomorrow at work...

  2. Man I wish I had that tans-easily chromosome. I got stuck with the turns-into-a-lobster-as-soon-as-she-steps-into-the-sun chromosome. Much less attractive. Plus, the claws get obnoxious...