Saturday, January 15, 2011


Has there ever not been snow? I swear it's almost taller than me in the piles next to the driveway. And every time I look at my weather widget (because I hibernate in my basement) or look out a window (which hurts my eyes), there it is, snowing again.

All this snow really doesn't help my new anxiety. I bailed on going to Jess's house tonight, to drink delicious things and eat delicious foods and play awesome Rock Band, because I was too afraid to drive in the snow. I'm a Minnesotan, for Pete's sake! I should be an old pro at this by now. And I was, last year. This year, I'm too afraid to drive down to see my best friend on a Friday night.

I did go to a movie, though. An old friend of mine from elementary school lives five blocks from me. She picked me up and we went to a theater a few short miles away to see Black Swan, which was intense and creepy and really amazing, actually.

I actually went outside earlier this evening, as well, to help shovel. Only, I don't shovel very often, so I'm not very efficient, especially when I can't even throw the snow high enough to make it over the driveway-edge snowbanks. So instead, I climbed into the yard (since when do yards require climbing into?) and shoveled the snow banks. I pared down the massive mounds of snow into... slightly less massive mounds of snow. I got snow in my boots and up to my knees, and I shoveled the yard. The YARD. Talk about weird.

I also officially started applying for jobs today. The first one I sent my resume into is the one I really, really want. It's at a non-profit literary center in Minneapolis. Hello, job related to my degree, how you doin'?

Also, asymptotes. I named my rock band Asymptote to Hell. Then Sheldon got stuck on a rock climbing wall and said he's an inverse tangent approaching an asymptote. These things mean something, something that I can't articulate.

Unsurprising. It seems I can't articulate much of anything tonight. It must be bedtime. I have some Groupons to spend in the morning.

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