Friday, January 21, 2011

Good, and bad.

My New Year's resolution of a happy thing every day is going pretty well.

For instance, today I had an interview at a kick-ass organization that I really want to be a part of. During the course of the interview, I found out that there were 150ish applicants, and they are interviewing seven of them. Holy cow. I feel amazingly lucky to have even gotten an interview!

On the other hand, today my grandma was admitted to the hospital. She's been acting strange: she thinks people have been in and out of her house for days; no one's been there. She thinks there are little boys running around; there are no small children. None of the tests they've done so far reveal anything wrong. We're almost positive she will not be allowed to continue living alone at her house. So that's.. not so good.

Good: tacos and games at Alex and Liz's last night. Also, cats.

Bad: really cold. Also, more snow.

Good: Mesaba actually paid out my vacation! Unexpected and delightful.

Bad: I don't leave the house / am not awake during bank hours, so I have yet to deposit said vacation payout, or a number of other checks in my possession.

So. There are ups and downs. More and more ups. I'll get there, somewhere, sometime.

In other news, I like Jimmy Fallon more every time I watch. I wish I had cable so I could watch Conan as well.

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