Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year.

In addition to the multitude of random woot shirts, the dirty socks, the stacks of random cd mixes and mystery burned dvds, the scribbled notes, the boxes and boxes of games, I inherited something kind of awesome: Eric's xbox.

Except, I don't really do video games. I never had them growing up, and I lack most of the eye/hand coordination necessary, despite playing piano and violin. First-person shooters are not so much my thing, and I'd rather watch other people kill zombies than do it myself.

When Derric and I lived together, he had an xbox. I'd sit on my computer and watch him explore weird places, sneak around, or shoot zombies. He'd offer to let me play, or to play in teams, but I had no interest. Until he bought Rockband. Then I played along. Then I learned the controls. Then I waited impatiently for it to be my turn in a large group. Then I even played for hours on end while I was home alone.

So with my Christmas money, I decided to buy myself the one and only video game I know I love for my new-old xbox. Unfortunately for me, they don't make or sell Rockband bundles anymore. Luckily for me, they do sell them online and at Gamestop. I now own Rockband, Rockband 2, and the Beatles Rockband bundle. These are the only games I own for my new gaming system that I barely know how to work; I had to text Aron to find out if I can use any usb hub or if I had to buy a special xbox one (you can use any, in case you were wondering).

I rang in the new year with my sister, her roommate, her sister, my cat, and Rockband. It was snowy and icy out. It was a small gathering, but a good one. Mellow, but rocking. And I didn't even cry at midnight (though I did post on his facebook wall. At midnight.).

And now it's a new year.

I'm not quite ready for a new start, a clean slate, whatever. I mean really, it's only been a month. But there is something about a new year. Something refreshing. People making resolutions, a whole year of possibilities ahead, an empty calendar just waiting to be filled in.

One of the blogs I read occasionally is Pioneer Woman. She lives on a working ranch with her rugged cowboy husband. She cooks, she's a self-taught photographer, she writes, she homeschools. She's just pretty all-around amazing. And she does crazy giveaways all the time: camera, mixers, Le Creuset cookware. She just did her last giveaway of 2010, in which she gave away a really nice Nikon dslr. To enter, all anyone had to do was post a comment answering the question, “What is your top New Year’s Resolution??” I wrote this:

In 2008, I made the resolution to take at least one picture every day. At the end of the year, I would make a nice photobook: My Year in Snapshots. It would include my college graduation, my wedding, my move to Arizona with my new husband. I did really well, until July, when my fiance called off the wedding.

I do always have my camera in my purse, though, and I take pictures often. 2010 was going really well; I wasn’t taking a picture a day, but I was taking lots of pictures on lots of days. Until early this month, when my boyfriend died suddenly. I don’t think I’ve taken a picture since.

My resolutions for 2011 are simple. I’d like a new job, a new apartment. But above all, I’d like to have a year good enough to take daily pictures of. I’d like to have a happy year.

Oh, also, I quit my job.

I hope you all had very happy New Year's Eves and Days!


  1. "Oh, also, I quit my job."



    ps/ :-O (or) o_O;
    pps/ srsly?!

  2. Seriously. I just don't give a shit about serving anyone peanuts anymore, you know? I can't be gone for four days in a row. I can't have long overnights in weird cities I don't care about. I can't have new pilots every trip I take asking me, "So, single, married, boyfriend, girlfriend?" I loved my job, loved it right up until I didn't, and now I cannot imagine going back. So I quit.

    And now I'm unemployed. Whoops.

  3. **hugs** fwiw, i think you're a pretty all-around amazing woman yourself. i know you're gonna find something new and just as great in a different way.

  4. Cindy, try Fable. I'm not really a gamer either, but I've gotten totally sucked in. It's like a cross between the Sims, old Choose Your Own Adventure books, scavenger hunts, easter-egg hunts, old text-based computer games (maybe I'm the only old person who remembers those). Adventure, romance, whatever you want. Very, very addicting. Fable 3 just came out, and I'm spending way too much time with it. It's really easy to get lost in that world for hours.

    Congrats on the job quitting, and I wish for you a year you can take photographs of, very much.

  5. I was just thinking about you today and wanted to let you know. ((((hugs))))

  6. Oh Cindy, it sounds like you've gone from baby steps to big kids steps. You go girl! :)