Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I see London, I see France

I own over 60 pairs of underwear. That's TWO MONTHS of underwear. They range from super-sexy-with-matching-bras (let's not even get into how many bras and socks I have) to good-to-wear-with-dress-pants-and-skirts to oh-god-why-are-these-still-in-rotation?!

There's one pair in particular that I curse myself for not throwing away every time I put them on. You know when you pull your panties up, and you kind of move your thumbs around the band to bring them up and straighten them (er.. that's not just me, right?)? This pair has a hole right where the band meets the side seam, and my thumb always -- ALWAYS -- gets stuck in the hole. Multiple times a day, even, because of course I never take them right back off in the morning and throw them away. No, that would be too logical. "Oh, I'll just throw them away when I take them off. Might as well get one more wear out of them." Nevermind the fact that this plan has never worked before, and it would make far more sense to just toss them immediately. Because naturally, I forget about the hole when I take them off. And I'm once again surprised by it the next time they come out of the wash. And I once again wear them, just one more time.

I think the real problem is I'm actually attached to this pair. I notice them specifically every time I wear them, and they just fit so darned well! Maybe if I wrote down what brand and size they are, I could just go buy some brand new ones. Maybe that would motivate me to clean out some of my old ones!


Not likely.

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