Monday, December 14, 2009


We celebrate the New Year year after year. And year after year, I forget that the date has changed yet again, and I write the old year on things well into March.

This year, 2009, was the first exception to this lifelong rule.

My resolution in 2008 was to take at least one picture every day. I posted them online, sometimes, and I had a little folder on my computer where I kept the chosen daily photos. Some days I had tons to choose from; other days, I had to work to find something to take a picture of.

I was doing pretty well at it, overall. I only had a couple of days where I fudged and stole pictures from other days. At the end of the year, I wanted to have a cute little photo book: My 2008 in Snapshots. And I was well on my way.

I gave up my resolution on July 9. I didn't even touch my camera for weeks. That was a time I most definitely did not want pictures of.

The year 2008 was supposed to be one of the best ever. It turned out to be... not the worst, necessarily, because a hell of a lot of good ended up coming from it, but certainly the most tumultuous year to date. And it was a year I was glad to be putting behind me, come the end of December.

Not once in 2009 have I written the wrong year.

Quite a few good things have happened this year. It's a year I'm happy to leave behind, because I'm excited to be moving forward, but it's a year I was thrilled to be in.

I have a feeling I might once again have trouble writing the correct year come January, but only because I can't quite wrap my brain around it. 2010? Really?!

Bring it on.

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