Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh hai December!

Well. I didn't quite reach my goal with my November-blog-a-day challenge, which was to squeeze in 30 entries by the end of the month. I did manage to make it to 20, though, which isn't bad considering I didn't start until November 9th. So that's that. Maybe I'll blog more in general now; maybe I won't. Oh, the suspense!

There was snow on the ground this morning. It put me in a much more Christmas-y mood. Naturally, I'm now watching Love Actually.

Before 9 this morning, I got a free oil change, free car wash, and free gas-station-esque cappuccinos while I waited. A very productive day.

Now I'm sitting around waiting to see if they'll call me in to work today. Yesterday they had me sitting ready reserve, which means I have to be at the airport in full uniform and wait around for them to call me for a last-minute assignment. No call ever came, so I spent nine hours at the airport without stepping foot on a single plane. I read a lot about Sparklepires (more on that later) and went home at 11 with a pounding headache that quickly dissolved into migraine shakiness nausea death pain. Ugh.

I was planning on cleaning my room today and organizing the Christmas presents I've bought already, but so far... well, the most productive part of my day was the part before 9am.

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