Monday, October 12, 2009

Where to begin?

In reading through some recent posts, I realized a couple of things. Number 1: they're not all that recent. B: I'm effing emo. And lastly: many things have changed.

Right now, I'm wearing blue pajama pants, a brown t-shirt, and a horizontally striped black and white long sleeved shirt. I feel this is important for somebody to know, but I have no idea who. So, you.

It's officially winter, even though it's only early October. I know this because three of my nails have broken in the last two days, and my hands are all dry and red because I didn't put lotion on last night. Unmistakable signs of winter. Also, the snow on the ground and the delays at the airport today were a pretty good indication.

I was on the same plane for nine hours today. Literally didn't even step off to get food or use a real bathroom (stupid airplane lavatories). Shouldn't I be somewhere like England or China by now?

Remember that dating website I joined? Total bust. Not even one awesome person to be found. (Well, maybe just one...) And remember how I'm bad at dating, because I've never really done it? (That's what she said?)

Turns out, I'm not so bad at dating, I'm just bad at finding the right person to date. I've done it, though. I found someone who is pretty darn neat, if I do say so myself. He lives far away, but hopefully not for long. He took me to the aquarium, where I got to learn about seahorses. I love seahorses. I'm shy, and awkward, and he doesn't seem to mind. He watches HGTV with me. He holds my hand and says nice things and likes puns and seems to like me and plays board games with me and he's just making me so much smilier than normal lately, and I'm pretty smiley to begin with.

So there's that.

And other than that, pretty much everything is the same as always.

Oh, crap. What if I AM bad at dating, and he's just too nice to tell me?


  1. I'm 100% sure you are not bad at dating. I'd date you!

    Also, this post made me smile.

  2. I'm so happy for you :)

  3. I'm extremely happy for you!