Saturday, June 29, 2013

So much, so little.

A serious of strange and unfortunate recent events led me to read my blog today. All of it. Not every word, certainly; I wrote them all, after all, so it's easy to skim and remember. But it got me thinking...I really like blogging. Maybe I don't always like making time for it, or coming up with the right way to say what I want to say, but when I get to go back and read it all? Then it's all worth it. I can't begin to express how glad I am that I recorded things. Pain, joy, sorrow, love. The boring ins and outs of my job. Little things that happened that I had otherwise already forgotten. Big things that I've already forgotten pieces of.

So I want to blog again.

I haven't posted in over a year. Over a year! I feel like my life is so much the same, and so little has changed, but then I realized so many things have happened. It doesn't seem like it, when things change slowly. But then you really think about it, and there's too much to even talk about.

Here's an overview.

I went on a road trip to Canada, with stops in South Dakota and Wyoming. Our destination was Calgary Expo, my first ever comic con and the reunion of nine original cast members of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I met Harry Kim, and it was amazing.

I celebrated my one-year anniversary at my job, and my two-year even more recently. I still love it. My coworkers, my boss, my work, it's all fantastic.

I cut off lots of my hair. Every time I get a haircut, it gets shorter and shorter.

Aron and I celebrated a year together, which will now soon be two. I plan on celebrating many, many more; he's truly the best man for me and I'm so lucky that we finally figured out our timing.

I attended weddings, birthday parties, showers, bachelorette parties. (Why do Word and firefox never recognize bachelorette as a word? Seriously.) I drank a LOT of wine.

I moved out of Eagan and into an awesome apartment in Bloomington, where Aron, Mabel, and I spend lots of time being lazy. I mean awesome. (And lazy.)

I got a second job, and added a lot of new clothes to my wardrobe thanks to my new discount.

I had a mole on my nose removed. It sat under my glasses, and it was most of the reason I never wanted contacts. I always hated that mole, and it turns out I had a good reason; it was skin cancer. Basal cell: very common, very slow moving, very treatable. I had surgery to have it removed, and I had some wicked-looking stitches - my first ever. They've been stabbing at it with lasers in the months since the surgery, and the scar is light and faded now, like magic. Even if it were still red and puffy, I would prefer it over that damn mole. Anyway, now I am face-cancer-free! Hooray! Fuck cancer.

Aron and I watched every single episode of every season of Star Trek: Voyager together. It took almost the whole not-quite-two years we've been together! (And it was worth it.) Now we've moved on to Doctor Who.

I went to California with Aron and his family. I met his dad's side of the family, we went to a taping of the Price is Right (none of us got on as contestants, but if you have a quick pause finger, you can spot us in the audience!), we went to the beach and saw dolphins, we went to a magical Harry Potter / general nerd store called WhimsicAlley. We took a cheesy tourist bus ride through L.A., and we walked the walk of fame. I managed to get a lovely heat rash on my hands (it used to plague me yearly at the beginning of summer, but had been absent for some time), just in time to return to a snow storm back in Minnesota.

The most recent Thing that happened is the reason I returned to my blog. It didn't even happen to me, but it has changed my life rather drastically in recent weeks. My wonderful [/sarcasm] ex-fiance canceled his upcoming wedding. This led to many texts, emails, and late nights between me and his most recent ex, who I actually met years ago. We've discovered some very troubling things about him, about our relationships, about the lives we thought we had. But there are a couple of quite enormous silver linings. First, she is amazing, and she will be so much better off without him, in the long run. And second, she's amazing! I have found a wonderful new friend in her.

In fact, we're going to Valleyfair in the morning, along with Aron and another friend! I suppose that means it's time for me to head to bed.

Here's to you, blog. I hope we see a lot more of each other in the future.

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  1. Love the update! I've been blogging off and on for 14 years and I enjoy it as well. I take breaks, but always come back to it after a while. I look forward to reading more of your stories.