Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random tidbits.

It's no wonder people read chick lit, terrible romance novels, mindless fluff. Such books never come out in hardcover. They are small, easily held, light. My most recent tome of choice is too heavy to hold up for long while I relax in my hammock. When people say light summer reading, I think they mean it literally!

I got in my car after work today and reached for my chapstick. Something didn't feel right, though. My hand got sticky, and I was nervous to take the cap off. My poor, poor lip balm did not just get a little melty, a little smooshy; it started to liquefy.

You know it's a bad traffic day when 30 on the highway seems recklessly fast.

My sister and I beat my grandma and Chuck at bridge. We won three games in a row, which apparently has a special name. "You got a 700 rubber? Well that's just disgusting." Thanks, grandma, I knew you'd be proud of us for learning so well.

I managed to coax a few freckles out of hiding today. I've missed them dearly.

Did I mention I'll be moving out soon? I don't yet know where, but Jess and I will soon be roommates once again. About damn time, eh?

There's more. There's always more. But I am woefully behind on sleep, and I must go attempt to remedy that.

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